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You are a prisoner in the MAZEJAIL. You have escaped your cell and found a shotgun and map. Use your wits, reflexes, and shotgun to get to the yellow tower and escape to the next floor of the MAZEJAIL. Each floor is procedurally generated and bigger than the one before it. Very very rarely a maze might not actually be escapeable, but that's what it means to be a prisoner in the MAZEJAIL, and this game is dedicated to realism above all else.

Each level is a procedurally generated maze using the same hacky maze generator as I made for Streets. This is my first time doing raycasting (the technique used to interact with things from a distance (ie. shooting)) and sprites in a 3D game. Originally the enemy sprites were meant to billboard towards the player (so they never look really thin from the side) but I encountered some issues there.

Most sound generated using Bfxr. The shotgun sound, however, is lifted from the original Doom. All sprites are my own but deeply influenced by Vlambeer's GunGodz.

Windows version is untested. If you encounter any bugs in any version, please let me know. This is probably one of the more complicated games I have made and I'm sure something is broken somewhere!

UPDATE 1.1: Bodies no longer stop bullets or block movement. 'R' now only restarts the game from a game over screen to prevent accidental restarts during play.

(In 2017 I am challenging myself to make 50 little videogames to get more familiar with the tools. I make no guarantee that any of the games are good, but that's not really the point. This is game #17 of 50.)


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it is truly fun

this is really fun :0

Good luck getting to 50 games- You are awesome for making small, unique games :)

thank you!