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A rough little thing using this hacky maze generating system I put together last night. You're in the city streets somewhere. You are trying to make it to the highrise where you live. Try to get there.

I'm planning on using this to make something more interesting in the future but for now I'm just excited that I made a system that builds mazes.

A few hiccups. It's possible for the maze to be impossible, but if it does this you'll know very soon. Press 'r' to restart. When you restart, you might need to alt-tab out of the window and back to get the cursor back to use the UI to start another round. I think this has something to do with how Unity's FirstPersonController prefab works?

(In 2017 I am challenging myself to make 50 little videogames to get more familiar with the tools. I make no guarantee that any of the games are good, but that's not really the point. This is game #15 of 50.)


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