Now with music!!

Hello! Exciting update!

Dan Golding of Push Me Pull You and Grace Bruxner Presents The Haunted Island, A Frog Detective Game taught himself Pico-8 and made some music for Brendan Keogh's Putting Challenge! Thanks Dan!!

I have updated the game to include Dan's music. You can turn it on or off on the main menu before you start. The music will also turn off while you are taking a shot, to help you concentrate.

In this update I've also cleaned up the file management a bit. It was silly having separate zips for the two available courses. Now they're just all together in one zip. 

I also changed the main menu to show a random tile of the course instead of always the same tile. Just for fun.


Course 1 + 2 - Normal Edition 804 kB
Jan 13, 2019
Course 1 + 2 - Championship Edition 805 kB
Jan 13, 2019

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