Bug Fix: Championship Edition

Slight bug fix for the Championship Edition!! 

Because I added the golf buggy at the last minute as a sort of joke, I didn't take into account how it's faster move speed would play up with the code detecting the edge's of the world. When something moves faster than 1 pixel a frame, you're meant to check everywhere it can be between this frame and the next, not just where it will end up on the next frame (this is how clipping happens when an object moves really fast and goes through another object in games!). Since the player only moves 1 pixel per frame, I hadn't coded those safeguards in, then I added the super fast buggy in without thinking about that.

Anyway, this new version should have fixed it. I also tweeted the layout in one tile to make a bridge easier to cross with the buggy than it was previously.

Thanks for playing! Please let me know if you encounter any other bugs!


Dec 08, 2018

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