A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Verrrry preliminary build that I'm uploading now to meet the deadline for Make-a-thing Jan 2018. 

Jam prompt words were 'kind',  'blip', and 'thwart'.

Wanted to do a thing where you are looking after a whole bunch of tamagotchi but also they are going way too fast and it's real hard. Partly inspired by that tumblr post about dogs that went around last year, but less sad.


Click mouse to focus on a pet. 

Use a/s or left/right arrows to choose buttons on focused pet.

Press 's' or 'space' to press the currently highlighted button.

Press q to return to the 'overview' of all your pets. 

This is very unfinished. No finish state. No real animations. But it'll do for now. 


PetsOSX0.1.zip 16 MB
PetsWIN0.1.zip 11 MB

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