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Last night I showed off ONE BUTTON REAL TIME TWENTY-SIX PLAYER PARTY GOLFING at an event that Squiggly River Game Collective ran at Brisbane pub, Netherworld. Adrian Forest and Cameron Clayton built a spectacular massive 26-button controller for it so 26 people could actually play at once. Here is a bad video of that in action. And some pictures.

This was the first chance I've really had to properly playtest this game with more than 3 people. Most striking thing was how inefficient it was to have a 'start game' button when you are trying to wrangle that many people. I spent the whole night being 'Okay everyone in? Okay don't press anything!' And then pressing the start button. This was made worse by the fact that I originally made it so you could toggle a player on and off, and people started using this to figure out just which ball they were, which meant they could turn their ball off again before the game started.

So I've changed it to better automate it so the game doesn't need a freaking project manager. Once two players are joined, a ten-second timer starts and players can still join during this time and then the game starts automatically. At the end, after a brief period of boasting time, it goes back to the main menu automatically. Players can no longer leave the game, but they can bounce up and down at the start of the game to find themselves.

Fixed up some other minor things as well. It was really tremendous to see so many people play and enjoy a game I made! There was yelling and shouting and banter and strategising and people playing multiple games in a row and to have that for just one of the silly little games I made was incredibly humbling and empowering. So I'll probably keep working on this game and try to turn it into something more serious maybe? I might either have to make it not look like Desert Golfing or get Justin Smith's blessing, though..

Anyway thank you if you've played this game and enjoyed it. Here are the current updates in full:

Version 2.0 Update: 

  • Balls are always coloured
  • Balls can be bounced before the game starts by pressing button
  • Course is 9 holes, not 18
  • Game starts automatically once second player joins (with ten second delay for more people to join). Game automatically returns to menu at end of game.
  • Ball can now be charged up even more to account for some mountains previously being impossible (this also makes it more possible that the leading player will overshoot and kill themselves)

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Nov 17, 2017


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If you feel like it you definitely should work more on this project, it's both simple and a lot of fun.