A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

COME TOGETHER is a multiplayer game about communication and innuendo played over two computers.

When zones on your screen glow or become not black, they are ACTIVE and can be CARESSED with the cursor to feel pretty good and have your pleasure bar fill up. The faster a zone is caressed, the faster the bar fills up.

However, the cursor on your screen is controlled by the other player’s mouse. Your own cursor is on their screen.

Communicate with each other to figure out where to move your cursor and where you need to caress.

Try to reach maximum enjoyment at the same time! 

UPDATE 24/01/18: More refined art from Pewka Zilla.


COME TOGETHER was created over 48 hours as part of the #Heartbeat18 game jam, run in Byron Bay by Blushbox Collective. We wanted to explore ideas of communication and navigating/exploring bodies in intimate moments with a game that would also just be lighthearted and really funny/awkward.

Mahli-Ann Butt (@MahliAnn) - Design, Art, Academic diagnosis

Pewka Zill (@PewkaPew) - Design, Art, Music

Cuauh Moreno (@oddgoo) - Design, Network programming

Brendan Keogh (@brkeogh) - Design, gameplay programming



  • Joining games is a tiny bit of an obtuse process. Refer to the README file for getting it setup. Comment here if you have any troubles!
  • Probably a good idea to make sure both players run the game at the same resolution so your friend can reach all your zones. 
  • If you're running the game on Mac, the game is best played in Windowed mode rather than full-screen. Otherwise your cursor sometimes reappears on your own screen and it's very confusing.
  • There is a giant alien bug in the game, and we know about it.


ComeTogetherWIN1.1.zip 29 MB
ComeTogetherOSX1.1.app.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

COME TOGETHER is a networked game that requires two computers (PCs, Macs, one of each).

One payer is the HOST of the game. The other player is the CLIENT. Gameplay is the same for each player.

1. Ensure each computer is connected to the same network.

2. Find the IP Address of the player that will be the HOST. On Windows, go to the Command Prompt and type in ‘ipconfig’ to find your IP Address. On Mac, go to Settings > Network to find your IP Address. It will look something like

2. Run the game on each computer. 

2. The Host simply clicks ‘PLAY AND HOST’

3. The CLIENT must enter the HOST’s IP Address in the text box under ‘JOIN A GAME’ and then click JOIN. 

4. Once the HOST is found by the CLIENT, both players click ‘JOIN’ and the game will start. 

5. Satisfy each other!


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how do you join a game with a freind

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there’s instructions in the read me, and under ‘install instructions’ on the itch page. Let me know what part of that process your having trouble with and I’ll see how I can help!

where do i find the readme 

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look under ‘install instructions’ on the game page.