A downloadable game for Windows

Update, v1.2:

- Runs better (I was calling an OnTriggerStay for every single rectangle haha. Now it just knows when to make a rectangle flash, and when to stop flashing).

- Can now click multiple places at once!

- Can hold down right-click to access a slider that changes how many bricks flash when you click.

(Original Post)

I'm still just playing around with doing stuff in Unity.

I did some Pong tutorial, and then I decided I'd take what I learned from that and make my own Breakout clone. then I decided it would be cool to make the bricks ripple colours when you hit one so I spent tonight figuring out how to do that and I made this instead.

Click in the box somewhere and cool colours happen. Use the slider to determine the radius of just how far out from where you click the colours appear. It lags a bit at higher values. This is because I don't actually know what I am doing in Unity or C# lol. But I think I have some ideas on how to fix this.

Anyway you can play with it if you want. Later on I might fix it up to be less laggy and not to say 'Pong Tutorial' when you load it up.


BrickRainbow1_2.zip 44 MB